11+ Anonymous is a place for the many casualties of selective education to share their stories.

We want people to share their experiences of the 11+ test, and for critics of grammar schools to have a say. 

Who should share a story?

Whether you’re a parent, pupil, teacher, or anyone else living in a grammar school area we want to hear your views.

This is a safe, anonymous, place for people wrongly branded ‘failures’ by the 11-plus to share their stories. The 11+ test is inaccurate for nearly a quarter of the people it judges, but the schools and authorities running the test won’t ever tell people that! There is no proven benefit to a selective school system for the majority, and in most areas of the country parents simply choose a secondary school designed for pupils of all attainment levels.

Grammar school pupils also lose out in this system. They might feel their worth is based on academic results, or that their test result means they need to live up to some academic ideal. They might also prefer to move schools with their primary school friends, instead of being sorted to different schools based on a test score.

Parents might want to  comment on this site; for instance, to share stories of the pressures to spend cash on tutors, or to discuss the difficulties they face deciding which school is right for their child (as if children fit neatly into ‘academic’ or ‘less academic’ boxes!) Parents in selective areas might also want to comment on how it feels to see children stressed, judged and labelled by the 11+ test. Living in a selective school system often means trying for a grammar school, even while hating the 11+ and all the problems it brings.

We also welcome hearing from education professionals, councillors and decision makers, test tutors or anyone involved in setting this test.

If you have any experience of life in a grammar school area then do consider writing something, we want to hear from you. Your views matter and we would like to hear from you.

Why share a story?

The act of sharing a testimony on this site allows the untold stories of people living in selective school systems to be heard.

There is a general consensus that people would like the 11+ exam to continue indefinitely, but there are many problems with this exam, and many quiet critics. Please add your voice to this site to share the reality of life in selective areas.

Why are the critics of selective education so rarely heard?

Millions of people live in areas of England that use an 11+ test and have grammar schools. It is hard to speak out and criticise a system of education that is so embedded in our lives. Many who do not agree with grammar schools may have children in a grammar school, or have friends and relatives with children in grammar schools . 11+ Anonymous helps to give a voice to those who would prefer to give their views discreetly. We hope to create a sense of community among the many people who feel uncomfortable with the divisions in grammar school areas and want to express their views anonymously.

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Share Your Story.

11+ Anonymous hopes to amplify the voices of people who live in selective areas of England. If you would like to share your experience, please submit your comment below.

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This site is designed to give a voice to critics of the 11+ and selective school systems only. Supporters of the grammar school system have many other channels to share their views. Read more about our policy for publishing stories here, and our Privacy Policy here.